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Coaching, Consulting & Team Workshops

We understand that managing a business comes down to managing people. With new considerations for employee sentiment, companies either adapt or fail. 

Our solution? To provide world-class Workshops and Coaching that help clarify what your "dream team" entails and realign your company for growth.

Tailored for You

Your business has unique needs based on industry, revenue, team size, etc., so we offer free consultations to understand your biggest pain points, your version of 'ideal,' and to workshop a plan that best suits your needs.


Everything on here is FOR YOU, so we will create a day that fits your goals.

1 / Realign People and Culture

  • Elite Team Transformation
    Unleashing the Power of Your Dream Team


  • Cultural Alchemy
    Creating an Extraordinary Work Environment 


  • Inspire & Lead
    Mastering the Art of Leadership Communication


  • Harmony in Motion
    Resolving Conflicts and Cultivating Strong Relationships

2 / Market Your Vision, Mission & Core Values
  • Visioneering
    Painting the Picture of Success for Your Business


  • Values in Action
    Aligning Your Organization for Lasting Impact


  • Magnetic Messaging: Communicating Your Vision and Values with Influence

3 / Set Up Foundations for Growth
  • Strategic Navigator
    Mapping Your Path to Long-Term Success


  • Metrics Mastery
    Unlocking the Secrets of High-Impact Measurement

4 / A Team of Leaders
  • Visionary Catalyst
    Inspiring Team Buy-In for a Shared Future


  • Trust Amplifier
    Building High-Trust Cultures for Maximum Engagement


  • Change Champions
    Leading Successful Organizational Transformations

5 / Hiring, Onboarding & Training
  • Talent Magnet
    Attracting and Selecting Superstars for Your Team


  • Onboarding Accelerator
    Supercharge New Hire Success from Day One


  • Skills Amplifier
    Empowering Your Team through Dynamic Training Programs

Business People Applauding

"Maya is a real joy to work with. Her attitude is great and she keeps our people highly engaged for the entire time."

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